Net-Savant - Web Design, ASP.NET and C# Development in Santa Cruz, CA


Note: I've been fairly busy and am not generally seeking new clients, so unfortunately this site and the accompanying portfolio are 5+ years out of date. If you'd like to see some of my more recent work, feel free to email.

Our primary work is web development, helping clients create elegant, easy to use websites and web-based applications.

This includes public websites as well as private intranets used within your organization.

Some examples are:

  • Promotional and informational websites
  • Online shopping and eCommerce
  • Custom business web applications
  • Audio and video content
  • Community and collaboration tools
  • Content management systems (so the site can be maintained by regular staff without needing to learn a programming language)

We work with a variety of web technologies, including ASP.NET, C#, Classic ASP, HTML, JavaScript/AJAX, CSS, Flash, XML, databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL, and a variety of pre-built web applications and component libraries.

If you have an idea for how web technologies could help your business and would like to brainstorm ideas, feel free to call or email.

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